It was met with opposition by the student body but Greg Watson, the principal, pleaded ignorance to the issue and has stated that he had received positive support regarding it. Watson has not informed the school if a change will be made to the way the new school uniform will be introduced.

Remote administration software. A remote administration tool (RAT) is a piece of software that allows a remote operator to control a system as if they have physical access to that system. While desktop sharing and remote administration have many legal uses, RAT software is usually associated with criminal or malicious activity.

A six-wicket-haul by Vanburn Holder in the Fourth Test of the series, also at the Queen's Park Oval, ensured another West Indian victory. With World Series Cricket (WSC) commencing a West Indies tour in 1979, the third Supertest was held at the Queen's Park Oval.

While searching for Urushi-maru, Leona must deal with the selection of the next generation of police tanks, relationship issues, public backlash against the Tank Police, personal rivalries with the current members of her old traffic division, and—to her greatest displeasure—the addition to her unit of the former criminal android Annapuna.

At the creation of the CPA it apparently had Algerian support. Assaleh claimed the independence of Azawad was not a goal for him and the party. At the time of his departure he argued that 70% of the militants were following him.

They are the smallest of the working terriers. They are active and compact, free moving, with good substance and bone. Good substance means good spring of rib and bone that matches the body such that the dog can be a very agile ratter or earth-dog.

Link aggregation. + In computer networking, the term link aggregation applies to various methods of combining ( aggregating ) multiple network connections in parallel in order to increase throughput beyond what a single connection could sustain, and to provide redundancy in case one of the links should fail.

Even before its 1913 commemoration as a monument of national importance, efforts were made to preserve it for posterity. The Lahori and Delhi Gates were used by the public, and the Khizrabad Gate was for the emperor.

Spenser uses rhyme differently in each month. There is a very cyclical pattern that shows off the kind of style that Spenser was going for, making the reader feel as though they are going through the cycle of each year just as the narrator does.

The presence of pseudouridine in the mixed 10S RNA hinted that tmRNA has modified bases found also in tRNA. The similarity at the 3' end of tmRNA to the T stem-loop of tRNA was first recognized upon sequencing ssrA from Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

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